Process pump, innovative energy-saving equipment

     Process pump is an innovative energy-saving equipment, it can replace the traditional pump, can greatly improve the energy efficiency of the plant, reduce energy consumption. There are many types of process pumps, and their characteristics are as follows:

     Process pump is an efficient alternative product, it can replace the traditional mechanical pump, reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, with good energy saving performance, they can improve the efficiency of the pump in the factory, use less energy, reduce energy consumption, thereby saving the energy consumption of the factory. It can be installed in the position of the traditional pump without large-scale changes, so the installation is convenient and the installation cost is low. The maintenance cost is low, it can be used for a long time, the energy-saving performance is also more stable, and it can be more safe and reliable operation. The adaptability is very wide, can be applied to a variety of factory pumping system, can meet the different requirements of various factories. It can improve the efficiency of the plant, use less energy, save energy consumption, and thus reduce the operating costs of the plant.

     As can be seen from the above introduction, the process pump is an innovative energy-saving equipment, it is easy to install, energy-saving performance, easy to maintain, and can save costs, so many factories choose to use the process pump to replace the traditional mechanical pump, so as to improve the energy efficiency of the factory and save costs.

     When choosing a process pump, first consider the pump model, flow, head, media and other parameters according to the actual situation to ensure that the selection of the pump is correct. When installing, it is necessary to adjust the fixed point of the pump and the length of the shaft to the correct position, and then install the pump in the actual application position, and tighten the fixing bolts of the pump to ensure that the fixed position of the pump is unchanged. Check whether the driving device, lubrication system, bearing, shaft and other equipment is normal, if there is a problem, it should be immediately removed to ensure the safe operation of the pump. Before starting, it is necessary to ensure that the lubrication system is normal, and regularly check the amount of lubricating oil, add lubricating oil, and ensure the normal lubrication of the pump. Then, it is necessary to check the starting system of the pump to ensure that the starting state of the pump meets the actual requirements, and then start the pump to ensure that the running state of the pump is stable.

     It is necessary to check the running state of the pump in real time to ensure that the flow, head, temperature and noise of the pump meet the requirements to ensure the safe operation of the pump.

     In short, the steps of selection, installation, lubrication, starting and inspection are the key links to the correct use of process pumps, and only the correct operation can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the pump. The importance of the process pump can not be ignored, it can be used to increase the pressure of the medium, change the flow direction of the medium, regulate the flow rate, and increase the temperature of the medium, to provide important technical support for engineering projects and other industrial applications.

Process pump, improve the efficiency of industrial operation

     Process pump is a kind of common industrial equipment, which is widely used in liquid conveying engineering. Mainly used for pumping, conveying, pressure maintenance, flow regulation and other work, used to improve the efficiency of industrial operation.

      There are many types of process pumps, and the appropriate model can be selected according to different needs. There are a variety of different flow, head, pressure range to choose from, the user can be more flexible installation and adjustment, to cope with the requirements of complex working conditions. Reliable operation process pump structure design is simple, easy maintenance and maintenance, can meet the requirements of various working conditions, has high reliability, the operation time can be up to more than one year, so greatly reduce the number of maintenance, saving the user's time and cost. The energy saving effect of the process pump is obvious, and under normal operating conditions, it can reduce energy consumption, improve work efficiency, effectively suppress noise, meet the needs of modern industry, and provide convenience for public life. Process pumps have the advantages of multiple types, reliable operation and obvious energy saving effect, providing more choices for industrial equipment. In the next use, the process pump can give full play to its power, improve the efficiency of industrial operation, and provide more convenience for public life.

Preparatory work

1. Prepare the parts of the process pump, ensure that the parts are complete, and check whether the bolts are loose.

2. Determine the installation method of the process pump according to the installation position, and choose the appropriate fixing method, such as bolt fixing or suspension installation.

3. According to actual needs, determine the parameters of the process pump, such as the extraction amount, head, etc.

4. According to the actual working conditions, determine the lubrication method of the process pump, such as self-lubrication or external lubrication.

Installation flow pump

1. Install the pump according to the installation method, and use bolts to secure or suspend the pump.

2. Install the bearing seat of the pump in the appropriate position to ensure that the clearance between the bearing seat and the pump shaft is normal.

3. Install the pump end cover on the pump shaft, and fix the bearing seat to the pump end cover.

4. Install the pump body on the bearing seat and fix the bearing seat to the pump body.

5. Install the pump shaft on the pump body, and fix the pump end cover to the pump shaft.

Nozzle flow pump

1. When taking over, pay attention to the distance between the process pump and the container to ensure that the process pump can move freely.

2. Install the inlet and outlet pipe interfaces on the container, and secure the inlet and outlet pipe interfaces of the process pump to the container.

3. Use valves, expansion joints and other equipment to control the inlet and outlet pressure of the process pump.

4. After the takeover is completed, check whether the discharge of the process pump is normal and whether there is gas leakage at the takeover.

Commissioning of process pumps

1. The commissioning of the process pump should be carried out after the correct takeover, and to ensure safety.

2. According to the flow requirements, adjust the flow regulator to make the flow meet the requirements.

3. According to the actual situation, adjust the operation parameters of the pump, so that the pump can run normally.

4. Check the flow, pressure and other parameters to ensure that the operation of the pump meets the requirements.

5. After commissioning, the pump can be regularly maintained at a certain frequency to ensure the normal operation of the pump.

How to improve the efficiency of water industry pumps at work?

     In our daily work, if we can greatly improve the work efficiency of water industry pumps, the production capacity per unit volume is higher, the production and manufacturing costs are lower, and the same profit is more. So, how to improve the efficiency of the water industry pump?

Pump housing maintenance

     The working efficiency of the pump depends on the pump efficiency, hydraulic efficiency and mechanical energy. Improving the operation and maintenance of the water industry pump can improve the pump efficiency, hydraulic efficiency and mechanical energy. After the pump has operated for a period of time, the gap between the leakage reducing ring and the inlet of the centrifugal impeller is likely to expand due to friction, which will increase the water flow damage, thereby reducing the pump efficiency. Safety checks should be carried out frequently, and when the gap between the leak reduction ring and the air wheel is found to be too large, it should be replaced regularly, and the gap between the leak reduction ring and the air wheel should be avoided as far as possible under the premise of ensuring the operation and design scheme.

Motor maintenance

     It is very important to improve motor operation and maintenance to improve motor power. It is necessary to check the technical status of the motor bearing frequently, and the rolling bearing should be repaired when it is off-wear; Check whether the remaining oil of the bearing grease meets the requirements. During operation, pay attention to the abnormal sound of the rolling bearing, and the abnormal sound should be immediately identified and quickly solved; When running, pay attention to the bearing ambient temperature is no problem, the rolling bearing temperature generally can not exceed the surrounding working temperature of 35°C, the rolling bearing high temperature can not exceed 75°C, otherwise it indicates that the bearing technical condition declines, or there is an internal metal jam rolling bearing.

Gate valve operation and maintenance

     The structure of the gate valve seems simple, but in fact, there is water seepage on the surface and the internal structure is not tight when it is used for a long time. For this kind of situation, only to improve maintenance can make the gate valve in an excellent working environment. For the old model specifications of gate valves still in use, because the shutdown is not tight, resulting in a large amount of water flow leakage, resulting in a large amount of electromagnetic energy consumption, for such gate valves should be replaced with better quality new gate valves, such as disc valves.

Application of centrifugal water industry pump in food industry

     Centrifugal water industry pumps are widely used, and centrifugal pumps are often used in the food industry to treat food. How to choose the liquid solution system of centrifugal pumps in contemporary food industry equipment, designers and their operators and managers face a variety of responsibilities related to food hygiene and safety and physical and mental health, and the obligation of multistage pumps has long gone far beyond the scope of general industrial products.

     Since the centrifugal pump is used to solve food, commodity environmental pollution must be prevented, corrosion is prohibited, vertical pipeline pumps and pipeline systems can make liquid stay and bacteria multiply cracks and fixed points are unacceptable in addition to the type of material and the selection of food contact area in processing, the food industry must also choose system maintenance. Machinery and equipment for transporting acid and alkaline cleaning fluids in pipes and tanks, and for selecting machines for wastewater treatment using corrosive chemicals that meet various air quality standards.

How to check whether the inlet pipe of the self-priming pump leaks?

    Industrial pump manufacturers: How to check whether the self-priming pump water pipe leakage?

The self-priming pump relies on the high-speed operation of the centrifugal impeller to absorb water, causing the bottom pressure area in the self-priming pump, therefore, the self-priming pump must ensure that its water inlet is watertight, that is, the outside gas can not enter the water inlet, otherwise, it will not only endanger the high efficiency of the centrifugal pump, but also cause serious vibration and noise when the centrifugal pump works.

Industrial pump manufacturers remind you to pay attention to these before installing self-priming pumps:

1. Before installing the self-priming pump, the length and aspect ratio of the water inlet pipe must be determined. The water inlet pipe must not exceed the allowable suction range of the self-priming pump. The water inlet pipe must be sealed.

2. Self-priming pump installation is not cost-effective, some customers in the newly bought self-priming pump application, immediately put the original fixed self-priming pump wooden base and self-priming pump together on the road transport, this practice is not desirable, easy to cause self-priming pump vibration and noise, resulting in self-priming pump equipment failure, The correct method is to fix the pump base on a solid flat work platform or a hard road surface.

3, self-priming pump installation as far as possible not fixed, and then welded with stainless steel on the support frame, because the contact surface of stainless steel and pump is too small, a large part of the pump base suspended in the air, it is very easy to damage the base and the coaxial coupling, therefore, the self-priming pump installed on the stainless steel support frame is easy to vibration, the large connection collar is also easy to damage.

     In the work, if the centrifugal pump does not have enough water or no water: first of all, consider whether there is gas in the intake due to sandholes, gaps or joints, etc., to observe and find the air intake, some shortcomings are very small, the human eye is difficult to find immediately, usually requires a lot of effort and time, but there is no result.

Industrial pump manufacturers share the method of checking pump inlet pipe leakage:

(1) Goose feather method: Use a duck feather to observe the flutter of the duck feather near the suspected air intake when the centrifugal pump is running, similarly, tobacco that can be ignited can actually be operated in this way, according to the flutter position of the duck feather and smoke to assist in the search.

(2) Automobile oil method: For the air intake point that can not be found, a small amount of automobile oil can be applied in a certain position around the air intake, and the place where the automobile oil is quickly pumped away is the air intake.

     If the self-priming pump produces obvious vibration and noise during the whole working process, it may be caused by cavitation of the pump, there are two reasons for cavitation: first, the water flow in the inlet pipe is too large, the second is the suction range is too large, the inlet and outlet pressure regulator can be adjusted when the water flow is too large, the inlet pipe should be immediately cleaned up the reading of the rising pressure gauge; When the suction stroke is too high, the installation aspect ratio of the pump can be appropriately reduced.

Single screw pump need to pay attention to what problems?

     Single screw pump is a positive displacement pump, widely used in environmental protection, paper making, crude oil, chemical plants and other fields, especially in the transport of low viscosity, weak flow of materials, has a great advantage, in order to better extend the service life of single screw pump, reduce the damage of motor stator and motor rotor, industrial pump manufacturers in the entire use of single screw pump should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. It is strictly prohibited to dry the single screw pump, even if the short waiting speed will cause damage to the motor stator.

2. Before starting the pump, the substance to be transported is introduced into the suction chamber of the pump (if the concentration of the substance is high, it should be introduced after dilution) to ensure that the vulcanized rubber motor stator is wet, when the pump stops running, there should be enough material when inhaling the chamber, and special consideration should be given to the main use of the pipeline when designing the pipeline.

3. Before starting, check again to ensure that the power switch of various valves is turned on, and the equipment can be started only when everything is ready.

4. If the application is in the natural environment where the material is locked, in order to better prevent the pipeline from cracking due to locking, the material should be discharged first.

5. When the gate valve is closed, it is not allowed to start the single screw pump to prevent pipeline cracking and pump damage due to the substantial increase in the working pressure of the positive displacement pump. When transporting dangerous substances, safety devices, such as pressure controllers, must be installed.

6. When used to transport materials that are easy to settle and dry, the pump and pipeline should be cleaned at high pressure on time to ensure that the pipeline is smooth.

7. Pay attention to the tightness of the suction tube, when starting the pump, fill the suction tube cavity with the material to be delivered in advance, try to rotate several times, and the pump can run, and it is forbidden to pump at high speed without material, which will cause damage to the motor stator.

8. In the whole process of pump application, you should pay attention to the total flow and working pressure of the pump anytime and anywhere, if the total flow and working pressure of the pump suddenly changes or abnormal noise is found, it should be checked immediately.

9. If your pump is used to transport low viscosity, crystals, particles or corrosive substances, it should be cleaned immediately after use to avoid accumulation of substances after long-term use.

10. Pay attention to the parallelism of the pump transmission device, before the single screw pump in the original factory, the inspectors have adjusted the pump and the switching power terminal (including the base), but during the entire installation process, due to the uneven roadbed, it is likely to cause foundation deformation, tighten the foundation screw when the coupling management center is misplaced, at this time, the installation error of the coupling should be checked again. Make sure it is within the following main parameters: deviation 0.3mm, Angle of view error 30.

BB5 pump working principle

How does the BB5 pump work? Now take a single stage centrifugal pump as an example to explain the working principle of the pump. It is composed of BB5 pump, suction and discharge pipe, bottom valve, diffusion pipe, etc. Centrifugal pump is mainly composed of impeller, blade, pump shell, pump shaft, charging cylinder and so on.

BB5 pump is injected into the pump before work, so that the pump shell and suction tube are filled with liquid, when the motor connected to the pump shaft rotates, the impeller and blade fixed on the pump shaft rotate, and the liquid in the pump shell also rotates to obtain energy. Through the pump housing (in the pump housing 3), through the flow channel, diffusion tube and discharge valve into the piping system. At the same time, a vacuum is generated inside the impeller, and the liquid enters the impeller through the suction valve and suction tube under the action of air pressure. Because the impeller rotates continuously and evenly, the liquid is also continuously and evenly thrown out of the suction.

BB5 pump repair method after wear

First, if the balance plate and balance ring are uneven, apply red lead powder on the grinding disc, push the unfair side to the top, and the place stained with red lead powder is the place to scrape. Then the balance ring and balance plate are installed on the pump, so that the surface is smooth until the circumference is evenly contacted.

Second, balance ring, balance plate, balance sleeve, etc. Those with severe wear and tear and no repair value need to be replaced with new ones. It is recommended that you create each of these parts calendar materials. Balance ring with wear-resistant cast iron NT24-44. Balance ring with HRL 32-52 or nickel lead bronze. In the maintenance, pay attention to whether the balance pipe is blocked, and if it is blocked, whether it is smooth.

What is the structure of the BB5 pump?

The type model of BB5 pump is more complicated, and the structure of centrifugal pump commonly used in oil is introduced. BA type centrifugal pump structure :BA centrifugal pump is mainly composed of pump body, pump cover, impeller, pump shaft, bracket and so on. The pump outlet is perpendicular to the axis of the pump, and can rotate 900, 1800, 2700 together with the pump body according to the installation and use conditions. The motor is driven directly by elastic coupling. From the driving direction, the pump shaft rotates counterclockwise.

1. The pump housing is usually made of cast iron and consists of a pump cover and a pump body. The pump cover has a suction inlet, and the pump body has an exhaust port. The pump shell looks like a snail shell, so it is also called a worm shell or worm form. The advantage of the worm pump housing is to reduce collisions and vortices during liquid flow, thus reducing hydraulic losses.

2. Impeller. BA type centrifugal pump adopts closed impeller. There are sealing rings on the front and rear covers of the impeller, and together with the sealing rings installed on the pump housing, the suction part of the pump is separated from the discharge part to reduce liquid leakage. There are several small holes near the center of the impeller, called balance holes, for balancing the axial thrust.

3. Pump shaft and bearing. The pump shaft is supported by two single-row radial ball bearings, which are lubricated with lubricant. BB5 Pump spacing adjustment. Adjustments are subject to circumstances.

For example, the total interval meets the requirements, but the individual interval does not. Some gaps are big, some gaps are small. This is mainly because the length of the impeller hub or the length of the bushing is not uniform. At this time, the assembly sequence of the original impeller or shaft sleeve can be appropriately changed, and the length can be adjusted. If this does not work or the total clearance is not suitable, several impels or sleeves can be replaced, the long impeller hub can be bent, or copper gaskets can be added between the impeller and the gear to meet the requirements.

The distance between the middle section and the guide wing is measured with a steel ruler according to the side of the guide wing and the middle section. Adjust by changing the spacing thickness when the spacing is inappropriate.

In short, in order to make the spacing between adjacent impels equal, and equal to the spacing of adjacent wings, the total spacing at the outlet of the impels is equal to the total spacing when the middle segment of the wings is equipped with spacers and tightened to each other. After adjusting the impeller or the middle, it is necessary to mark and indicate the sequence to avoid errors during assembly.


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