Water treatment industry

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Update time : 2024-01-13

     Water treatment pump is also called water treatment equipment, water is an indispensable natural resource for human development, is the material basis for the survival of human beings and all living things.

     In today's world, water crisis caused by insufficient water resources and pollution has become a complex problem faced by any country in policy, economy and technology, and a major constraint on social and economic development. Any substance has its own inherent frequency, scale belongs to the inorganic salt class, the general equipment shell is made of metal materials, scale and metal materials oscillation frequency is different.

     Liquid vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump transport from tap water to industrial liquids of various media, water treatment pump parts using stainless steel plate stamping process, suitable for different temperature, flow and pressure range, water treatment pump is suitable for non-corrosive or lightly corrosive liquid, can transport liquid up to 120℃.

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