Coal washing plant application

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Update time : 2024-01-13

    Coal washing is an indispensable process of coal deep processing, coal directly mined from the mine is called raw coal, raw coal mixed with many impurities in the mining process, and the quality of coal is different, internal ash small and internal ash large coal mixed together. Coal washing is an industrial technology to remove impurities from raw coal, or to classify high-quality coal and low-quality coal.

    The products produced after the coal washing process are generally divided into gangue, medium coal, grade B clean coal, grade A clean coal, the finished coal after the coal washing process is usually called clean coal, through coal washing, can reduce the cost of coal transportation, improve the utilization rate of coal, clean coal is generally used as fuel energy, clean coal is generally used for coking, it needs to remove sulfur, remove impurities and other industrial processes. To meet the standards for coking.

     The removal of gangue in coal is to prevent the dissolution of gangue in high temperature combustion, which is easy to block the furnace or other combustion facilities, and it does not burn to reduce the combustion heat and affect the efficiency.

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