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Update time : 2024-01-13

     The rapid development of the paper industry at home and abroad, has now become the main production and consumption base, manufacturers have nearly thousands of more, the paper industry is more developed areas mainly in Shandong, Henan, Zhejiang and other places, but also because of natural geographical advantages, there are rich water resources, very use of pulp production. In recent years, due to the sharp rise in paper prices, energy saving and emission reduction is also an important factor in the cost increase, in order to control costs and reduce pollution, many manufacturers are equipped with more advanced production equipment to improve production efficiency, water ring vacuum pump is one of them, its application in the paper industry is also widespread.

     In the process of paper production, the water ring vacuum pump uses its own advantages to remove water and other substances in the pulp to improve the quality of paper, it carries impurities in the liquid through the water ring pump under the gas-water separator, this process also greatly improves the production efficiency of the product, not easy to produce scale and other phenomena, water saving, energy saving effect is obvious. The application effect of water ring pump is very significant, but also led to the development of the entire paper industry, but also reduced production costs, so that manufacturers have more room for development.

     In the future development environment of the paper industry, the water ring vacuum pump will not improve its own advantages, to adapt to the needs of the larger market, and play its important role.

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