API610 VS1,MVA Series Vertical turbine pump structure/rotor extractable, upper outlet, mixed flow type.

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MVA series vertical suspension pumps comply with API610 11th edition and IS...

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     MVA series vertical suspension pumps comply with API610 11th edition and ISO13709 "Centrifugal Pumps for the petroleum, Heavy chemical and Natural gas industries" standards. VS1 is a vertical suspension type, single-layer shell, the discharge pipe through the riser pump; VS6 is a vertical suspension type, double shell pump; Suitable for all occasions.

     This series of pumps is a new generation of low-temperature anti-cavitation pumps independently developed by our company . The impeller is of single suction structure, radial or shell type guide vane. The first stage impeller has excellent anti-cavitation performance. The pump is equipped with a double balancing drum device to balance the axial force, and the residual axial force is borne by the paired angular contact ball bearings.

      This series of pumps in the hydraulic design, rotor rigidity, shaft coupling mode, guide bearing structure, mechanical seal components, seal flushing and other auxiliary systems have been carefully considered, to solve the market in the use of pumps and installation defects.

Main Features 

▶Follow API 610 standard

Reliable, efficient, low-cavitation hydraulic performance

Meet API610 sliding bearing spacing design to ensure stable operation and high reliability

Optional high-quality duplex steel materials to meet the requirements of strong corrosion resistance

Performance Range 

▶Capacity: up to 12000 m3/h

▶Head : up to 200 m

▶Pressure: up to 2.5MPa

▶Teperature: -20 to 100 ℃

▶Nozzle size: DN100 to DN800 mm

▶Speed : 1450/1750/2980/3550 rpm

Materials Range

Main materials: In line with API610 standards









other material grades, but also according to user requirements for special design

Application Range


▶Petrochemical industry

▶Low temperature engineering

Pipeline pressurization

▶Offshore oil

▶Gas separation equipment

▶Energy industry vapor and liquid extraction

▶Liquefied gas engineering,

▶Light hydrocarbons

▶Low cavitation occasions

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