API610 BB5,MBT Series Double-casing, radially split, multistage, between-bearings pumps

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Product Overview MTD(Pump Type BB5) series pump is horizontal, double shell,...

  • Capacity: Up to 700 m3/h
  • Head: Up to 2200 m
  • Pressure: Up to 25.0MPa
  • Teperature: From -80 to 450 ℃
  • Nozzle size: DN25 to DN200 mm
  • Speed: Up to 3550 rpm

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Product Overview

    MTD(Pump Type BB5) series pump is horizontal, double shell, inner core segment type, impeller in the same direction arrangement, the first stage single suction or double suction multi-stage centrifugal pump, suitable for petroleum refining industry, petrochemical industry, transportation of petroleum, refined oil, liquefied petroleum         gas,  light hydrocarbons and flammable and explosive toxic high temperature and high pressure liquids. The BB5 series pumps comply with API 610 new design standards.

Main Features 

▶Follow API 610 standard

▶Flange complies with ANSI /DIN/ISO standards

▶Heavy-duty bearing structure design, can be equipped with various sliding bearings

   Smooth operation and high reliability

Mechanical seal chamber dimensions comply with API682

▶The rotor is designed in series or back-to-back form

For large-size pumps, the entire internal assembly unit can be disassembled with the bearing housing      and mechanical seal housing, and installed after overhaul to save maintenance time

Self-lubricating and plain bearing - thrust pad bearing designs can be selected, and additional lubricating oil systems can be selected

The balance of axial force can be balanced by symmetrical arrangement of balancing drum or impeller

Performance Range 

▶Capacity: Up to 700 m3/h

▶Head : Up to 2200 m

▶Pressure: Up to 25.0MPa

▶Teperature:  From -45 to 350 ℃

▶Nozzle size: DN25 to DN200 mm

▶Speed : 2980/3550 rpm

Materials Range

Main materials: In line with API610 standards









other material grades, but also according to user requirements for special design

Application Range

Oilfield water injection

Boiler feed water


Pipeline pressurization

Refrigeration engineering

Offshore platforms

Coal chemical industry


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